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Our programs offer a great introduction to primary school! Our experienced teachers, permanent aides and families, collaborate to build a unique atmosphere emphasising social development and learning through exploration and play.

3 months to 2 years

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2 to 3 years

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3 to 4 years

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4 to 5 years

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6 to 7 years

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Structured Daily Programme

A daily programme has been specifically designed to enable the children to experience a productive and enjoyable time at school.  Due to the different educational levels, the class programmes have been specifically developed to accommodate the different age groups.  These programmes have been structured for the purpose of giving the children a feeling of safety and security during the learning process.  All structured activities are designed to concentrate on various perceptual developments of the child in preparation for primary school.  A balance between the children’s freedom to choose activities they would like to participate in and the teacher directed tasks has been established.

It is an important principle that children should not only learn about the environment, but they should rather learn from it, and we apply this where possible.  The children are exposed to as much of an exciting and varied environment as possible as this is of far greater benefit than learning a large number of facts.  We try to provide many opportunities for the children to create and discover.  Educational shows and special visitors are arranged for the children from time to time and these usually correlate with our weekly theme.  In the light of this we aim to offer themes that are part of the immediate “world” of the child’s life, offering realism and actuality while learning.

Child Activities & Learning


Discover How Children Learn Through Play
  • Indoor free-play
  • Outdoor free-play
  • Creative activities
  • Developmental play ring
  • Musical movement and instrumental appreciation
  • Teacher directed activities
  • Perceptually enriching activities
  • Language and speech development activities
  • Auditory and visual perceptual development
  • Development of social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills
  • Group activities
  • Life skills

Infant & Baby Group

Structured Daily Programme
  • Perceptually enriching activities
  • Creative activities
  • Developmental Play (fine and gross motor muscle development)
  • Outdoor play
  • Rest times
  • Story times
  • Language development
  • Music appreciation, songs & rhymes
  • Social integration
  • Incorporating the OBE principals

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