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Reports & School Readiness

Progress Reports

We provide progress reports in the following manner.

We offer a mid-year progress report or report meeting and a written report at the end of the year. This is to keep parents informed of the child’s development.  Hence the child acquiring maximum benefit due to the parent/teacher re-enforcement.

Observations & Assessments

Each child is monitored and a daily observation record is kept as to the day to day routine which includes eating and drinking habits, health, milestones achieved etc.  These important factors are available to parents on request.

School Readiness Programme

This programme has been specially designed for the child approaching primary school age and it adequately prepares the pre-schooler for the demands of primary school.  The content of the programme equips the child with all the necessary skills, cognitively, physically and socially for primary school.  All activities produced are retained in the child’s file or a work book which is available to parents to peruse at any time.

Primary School

Acorn Pre Primary has established a high standard over the last 22 years, in so far as to say that the pupils receive as much enriching material in preparation for primary school as they are ready to receive.

We are proud to announce that we have had feedback from previous Acorn pupils attending surrounding primary and high schools, that they have accomplished above average academic achievement as a result of their good foundation received at Acorn.  A number of children which attended Acorn have also become mini city councilors, head boys/girls and prefects.

What We Offer

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